Online Donations are now available at

Cape Cod OA Intergroup Online Donations starting May 2024 on

Information for OA members

  • Meetings are Autonomous. Each meeting decides their own policy regarding 7th Tradition donations. Members may forward their donations to their group treasurer or use the online donation option offered by the intergroup.
  • Credit Cards or Paypal. Cape Cod Intergroup accepts 7th Tradition contributions directly using a credit card or PayPal account via the secure PayPal donation link at
  • One-time or Monthly. For convenience, you may set your online donation to recur monthly so you ensure your consistent contributions in keeping with the 7th Tradition, or make a one-time donation.
  • Event Contributions. You may also make contributions for intergroup-sponsored events such as retreats and workshops.
  • Attribution of Your Donation. When making your donation, be sure to earmark your donation with the meeting name or number, or the event name, when prompted on the screen.
  • Region 6 and WSO. A portion of the donations to intergroup are forwarded to OA Region 6 and OA World Service according to the recommended guidelines.
  • Privacy. For your protection, transaction details are viewed only by the Intergroup Treasurer and account numbers are masked.

Information for Group Treasurers

  • Prudent Reserve. Each meeting should maintain a prudent reserve to cover any meeting expenses. Each group sets their own policy and procedures on this.
  • Distributions. You may continue to distribute contributions received yourself according to the recommended 60/30/10 split. For your convenience, you may forward the full distribution amount to Cape Cod Intergroup who will make the distributions to Region 6 and WSO on your behalf.
  • Reporting. Totals of any online donations received directly by Cape Cod Intergroup attributed to your meeting will be reported during the monthly Intergroup meeting. See your group’s Intergroup Rep for details.
  • Questions. If you have questions about online donations, you can email the Intergroup Treasurer at

Download a PDF of these details here.