CC Intergroup Keynotes 6/11/24

Keynotes from the 6/1/24 Cape Cod Intergroup Meeting

Join us for OA Fellowship Picnic on Sunday, 7/7 starting at 12:00 pm-1:30 pm on the Hyannis Village Green. Bring your lunch and chair. Fun activities are planned. Flyer will be on web page. Representatives are asked to bring flyers to in person meetings.

2. Scholarships are available for the Region Six Convention to be held on October 25-27th in Nashua, NH ! Contact Barbara B (508-648-7141) for application. Convention flyer is on web page. (Find it here)

Register at

3. CCI is sponsoring a Virtual workshop on Service Traditions and Concepts which will be facilitated by the Region 6 Chair is in August.

4. All intergroup reps received a write up of the World Service Business Conference held in May. For a copy of the report or any questions contact by Benis our WSO rep at 520-745-1499

5. The theme for The CCI Annual Retreat in September at the Boy Scout Camp will be Happy, Joyous, and Free. A flyer will be posted on the website next week. Representatives are asked to bring flyers to in person meetings. A flyer is posted on the website.  Find it here.

6. The Dennis Saturday Newcomers Needs support!

7. The Centerville Friday 10 a.m. fully live meeting needs support.

8. Great Service Opportunity: CCI Coordinator. Training will be provided. Job description on web site. Any questions, call Barbara B. (508-648-7141).

9. How are your 7th Tradition contributions to World Service Office (WSO) used?
Donations are used for web page upkeep at (world wide meeting lists, world wide OA announcements, public information, information for newcomers, etc.), WSO bookstore which prints, stores and sells all OA literature, and WSO support staff and building expenses for the Albuquerque headquarters. Administration functions for the entire membership and service bodies. This is only a partial list of how WSO uses funds to help members

10. There will be no Intergroup meeting in July.

11. The next Intergroup meeting will be August 3 at 11:30 a.m. All are invited to attend.