CC Intergroup Keynotes 4/13/24

Keynotes from the 4/6/24 Cape Cod Intergroup Meeting

  1. Great Service Opportunity: CCI Coordinator. Training will be provided. Job description on web site. Any questions, call Barbara B.  (508-648-7141).
  2. The CCI Meeting Development Task Force is looking for members to work on this task force. If you are interested in starting a new meeting, contact Benis (520-745-1499) or
  3. Early Registration for the  Region Six Convention to be held on October 25-27th in Nashua, NH is open! Info and flyer is on web page.  Register at
  4. The Dennis Saturday Newcomers   Needs support! Needs Leaders, Speakers, and Hosts  call Fran S. at 508-737-5592 to help
  5. The Centerville Friday 10 a.m.  and the East Falmouth Saturday 9 am need support.  Both are fully live meetings!
  6. Public Information and Professional Outreach Tip of the Month
  7. Going to your Doctor?   Bring the pamphlet, “When Should I Refer Someone to Overeaters Anonymous” to your next healthcare appointment.  (Contact Barbara B. to get pamphlet)
  8. Next Intergroup meeting will be May 4, 2024 at 11:30 a.m. All are invited to attend.