CC Intergroup Keynotes 1/6/24

Keynotes from the 1/6/24 Cape Cod Intergroup Meeting

  1. A CCI Virtual Event: “Sponsorship: A Closer Look”will be held on Sunday, January 21st from 1-3:30 pm EST. See flyer on for details.
  2. OA’s 64th birthday is being celebrated January 19-21.   There are many celebratory events and workshops being held. See for more information.
  3. The CCI Kickoff meeting was held 1/6. Highlights included:• The majority of the goals for 2023 were accomplished.
    • Thanks was given to all members who participated in service work in 2023 to strengthen our meetings and to help spread the message of recovery.
    • Goals and action plan for next year were developed, including Task Forces to be formed to accomplish our goals. Further information about the Task Forces will be forthcoming, with an opportunity for all members to participate.
    • We adopted our ongoing Vision for 2024:  “Welcome and support all to experience the OA promises of recovery”.
  4. The next Cape Cod Intergroup meeting will be 2/3/24. All are invited to attend.