CC Intergroup Keynotes 10/4/23

Keynotes from the 10/4/23 Cape Cod Intergroup Meeting

  1. CCI nominations continue for all Officer positions:  Chairperson, Coordinator, Treasurer, Secretary.  Elections will be held at the 11/1/23 CCI Meeting.  For information on Roles/Responsibilities go to:
  2. WSO – Region 4 has voted to disband for lack of volunteers to their service positions.  Meetings in that Region will be looking for other Regions to join.
  3. A motion to delete Policy #10 (Literature Committee) was approved.  Remaining Literature is available to Cape Cod OA residents for purchase at discounted prices.  More information will be coming to you soon.
  4. Save the Date!  A Virtual presentation on Sponsorship will be held by our CCI on January 21st.

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