Takeaways from our Spring Workshop

The Cape Cod Intergroup of Overeaters Anonymous held a workshop on April 24, 2016. .  So many wonderful ideas were exchanged!  Here are the takeways fromt he breakout sessions:

Cape Cod Intergroup – Spring Workshop 4/24/16



“Balancing Program, Family, Job”

• If food is in order, the rest falls into place

• Plan ahead! Preparing; Mapping Out; Scheduling

• Work the tools as routines…no matter what.

• Take quiet time (via meditation, literature, prayer)

• Commit food, meetings, disciplines

• Honor family’s needs! Keep time open for family.

• Stay mindful of self care

• Stay grateful; stay honest, open-minded and willing!

• Slow down! Pause! Ask for Help! Bring HP into the pause.

“Journey Back from Relapse…You’re Not Alone”

• Get a food plan (NOT diet)

• Have a plan of action around food

• Define your abstinence

• Keep coming (to meetings)

• Remember…there are choices. Pause & pray

• Listen to those who have stumbled

• Surrender…Be persistent

“Integrating OA Into Life’s Stressful Situations (traveling, company, illness, social)”

• Self Care. Ask for what you need. Speak up.

• Keep your daily disciplines (connect with sponsor/sponsees; pray/meditate, readings/writing).

• Avoid H.A.L.T. (Being Hungry/Angry/Lonely/Tired).

• Traveling (“Program is portable”):

• Plan ahead. Bring abstinent foods on air flights/car trips/outings

• Check out restaurant menus on line.

• Attend meetings (via oa.org) in new areas. Or check out ‘recovery meetings’ on cruises.

•  Arrange for meetings to come to you

•  Avoid ‘poor me’s’. Make extra calls. Ask others how they’re doing

•  Do on-line or phone meetings; listen to podcasts.

•  Don’t change food plan without checking with sponsor.

• Company/Social Situations:

• Supply foods that work for you. If possible, ask for menu.

•  Maintain your daily disciplines

•  Practice saying “No, Thank You”.

•  If stressful, remove yourself…go for a walk, make an outreach call, ask HP for help.

•  “Bookend” with an OA member (call before and after event)

•  Keep eyes on own plate.

•  Reschedule committed meals; set parameters. Confirm with sponsor.

•  Keep pamphlet, “Before You Take That First Compulsive Bite”, handy for suggest

• Utilize OA podcasts or phone meetings as another option.